Keyrings can be cumbersome and annoying, even when you don’t have a lot of keys there to carry. Combine this with a small knife for daily carry, and your pocket and patience can take a strain. To alleviate such distress, the Quietcarry Mini Q 2.0 & The Shorty Key Organizers ($68) were created.

With lightweight body made of tough grade 5 titanium, a rust-resistant, lock-back AUS8 steel blade, plus hardened 416 stainless steel screws keeping it all together, both these key holders are built to last. The Mini 2.0 comes in two sizes, it can handle 1-4 keys with extensions for 8 or more. The Shorty by comparison can only hold 1- 3 keys with extensions for to add up to 5, and its frame-lock design fits smaller standard keys up to 59mm. A lever mechanism and the stainless steel machine posts make switching keys out less stressful.

Ideal for the minimalist guy, these ultra high-quality EDC pieces have rounded corners, and arrive with either a clip point blade, bottle opener blade, or a multi-tool. Choose between stone washed, bead blasted, and satin finishes. Details in the video