In case you’re bound to Chile for your next vacation, the Punta Sirena is the hotel to beat. This quaint little beachfront retreat stands on stilts overlooking the great Chilean ripples, its rustic charms infusing the traditional surf resort with a fervid, summery vibe.

The T-shaped hotel is composed of intersecting rectilinear buildings, which is unlike most hotels that stand upright. This prevents visitors from having exemplary views of the surrounding landscape from above, of course. But it does ensure the property itself doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb when you look at the beach from a distance.

Make no mistake, though. You’ll still get impressive eyecandy. The rooms are laid out parallel to the beach, and they all feature picture windows so that all customers get a clear view of the ocean. We’d argue this layout is better since it clears up all feeling of distance between you and the beach.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about this hotel is that it’s made entirely out of eucalyptus and pine. It gives the building an intensely native atmosphere. Not only is it a testament to craftsmanship, but its also a commitment to geographical synergy, ensuring that the outdoors is astutely integrated into indoor comforts.

If you’re feeling hungry, there’s a restaurant below that will serve local food as you dine against the oceanic backdrop. And if you’re feeling a wee bit adventurous, you can join local thrills such as wind surfing and kite surfing. All are welcome, even neophytes. There’s a on-site school where beginners can learn the ropes.


Photos courtesy of Punta Sirena