Give your canned or bottled drinks character and style with the Puffin Beverage Jacket. The jacket renders a cute yet functional appeal that serves its purpose best when outdoors.

Puffer coats are useful during chilly conditions when you want to stay warm. They are especially handy when you’re outside the house in the company of the snow. Whether you’re running, skiing, or out on an errand, these coats keep you feeling toasty. On the contrary, Puffin created their beverage jacket to keep the cold in and the warmth out.

The Puffin Beverage Jacket is designed to keep cold drinks remain cold or chilled for hours. It wraps around your bottled or canned beverage and even comes with a working zipper that runs in the middle to keep it snug. It also has a wide collar that covers around the rim of the bottle or can.

This nifty thermal koozie looks like miniature puffer jackets and is actually made from the same materials. It has two layers of insulation with the only difference being the addition of an interior metal lining to maintain the cold inside instead of outside. The sleeves stay tuck in and double as a handle or tether for on-the-go convenience. You can even use the sleeve to hang your bottle opener.

The Puffin Beverage Jacket also prevents your hands from getting wet or chilled. It is a great gift idea to give those who love the outdoors. It even comes in three attractive combinations of colors including camo and orange, green and orange, and blue and gold.

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Images courtesy of Puffin