Not everyone can afford to own or drive every vehicle ever made. Even those who can afford the most exclusive supercars or hypercars have a limit on what they spend. On the other hand, gamers can virtually get behind the wheel of any machine they fancy. Hence, Prodrive – with the help of Ian Callum – brings us this stunning simulator.

Given that we’ve already seen some of the most advanced setups out there, the lack of a motion platform might be a dealbreaker for hardcore racing sim players. However, if you’re after an elegant alternative penned by a renowned British car designer, then this is it.

Coupled with the motorsport engineering group’s extensive experience, we have a highly capable simulator. It likewise doubles as a stylish piece of furniture when not in use. To make users feel like they’re inside an actual race car, the driver’s seat is enclosed within a sculpted carbon monocoque cockpit.

Holding it in place and above the floor is a 16-layer birch frame. The surfaces sport a gloss black finish. This racing simulator from Prodrive and Ian Callum ships with a powerful rig and high-end hardware for various driving games.

Prodrive did not specify the exact build. Nevertheless, the computer packs a 12 GB GeForce RTX GPU and 16 GB RAM. Assetto Corsa is pre-installed, but you can always add more. A 49” AOC dual-QHD 5K curved monitor with a 165 Hz refresh outputs the visuals

For the controls, we have a Precision Sim Engineering LM-PRO steering wheel with a Simucube 2 Pro force feedback wheel base. Finally, you get an adjustable mechanical pedal box and Cobra Nogaro Street seat with your Prodrive x Ian Callum racing simulator.

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Images courtesy of Prodrive/Ian Callum