Procter & Gamble’s Project Bloom has created a discreet yet beautiful way for you to freshen up your space with natural aromas without having to constantly use a sprayer. The Bloom activates when it detects motion and releases scents that do not contain harmful chemicals like dyes, formaldehyde, and phlathate. 

There are three scents to choose from including Crisp Greenery which is characterized by a green floral base with notes of aloe. Then there’s Fresh Dewdrop for a burst of fresh air and floral and Lavender Fields made from a mix of lavender, geranium petals, woods, and musk.

More than an air freshener, P&G’s Bloom also makes for a great display with its planter-like compact design that can fit small spaces. It’s easy to use too: just pop open the lid with the faux plant, place two scent cartridges inside, and then just power on the device (a green light will turn on). There are two fan speeds to adjust the scent intensity.

This device works via a rechargeable battery that lasts for 30 days while the scent lasts an entire month. This freshener even works as a night light using an integrated LED lightbulb at the base that has a capacity of 30,000 hours.  

P&G’s Bloom is a far safer and better alternative to fragrance diffusers and those canned air fresheners because it does not use heat, steam, or aerosols. Plus, its wireless feature makes it easy to place in just about any space you want to smell fresh. Unlike those automated time-controlled fresheners, there’s also no wasted fragrance when you’re not around.

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Images courtesy of Procter & Gamble