When something is in very limited quantities, you had better act now or lose out. There is a huge market for items that evoke nostalgia. Hence, we often see restorations and retro-themed builds sell out rather quickly. We believe the same applies to Praga’s latest venture – the ZS 800. With only 28 examples, it won’t take long for all to be spoken for.

Although Czech Republic-based marque generally deals in automotive endeavors, it also builds two-wheelers since its acquisition of Českomoravská Kolben-Daněk. The bikes it manufactures exit the assembly line under the Praga BD emblem and are iconic among moto enthusiasts. Particularly those who previously owned a model or two back in the day.

According to reports, the company is pooling its resources for several hypercar projects. However, the announcement of the ZS 800 suggests otherwise. Perhaps they want to gauge interest in classic motorcycles like the silhouette in question and consider if it would profitable as well. Still, all that really matters is that this vintage-themed ride looks jaw-dropping.

More than 300 hours go into each chrome molybdenum steel chassis via precisions machining. Moreover, Praga says, “titanium takes center stage, with screws, axle, nut and bolt of the chassis and engine are made from the material. Not to mention the fully titanium exhaust system containing multiple 3D-printed titanium elements.”

Powering this elegant machine is a 773 cc parallel twin producing 52.3 horsepower and 47 lb-ft of torque. The engine comes from a Kawasaki W800. Praga BD equips the front and rear of the bike with Öhlins suspension units. Meanwhile, the forged carbon wheels of the ZS 800 come with hydraulic drum brakes. Don’t miss out on this premium moto!

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Images courtesy of Praga