Top-notch craftsmen from Porsche are always expected to deliver amazing automobiles that awaken the desires of gearheads everywhere. The marque recently joined other European car brands in a bid to invest and promote electromobility in the coming years. The Porsche Taycan adds to the influx of electric-driven concepts from various manufacturers with their cutting-edge designs and features.

The German automaker takes the veil off of its “Mission E” concept. Additionally, the brand now calls it the Taycan. According to the German brand, the name means “lively young horse.” We think it fits the idea of promoting eco-friendly technology for its future vehicles.

The battery-powered concept sports car will apparently rely on two permanently excited synchronous (PSM) motors. Each one with an output rated at 600 horsepower. Porsche claims that its advanced system can push the vehicle a standstill to 62mph in just less than 3.5 seconds. Likewise, it can go from zero to 125mph within 12 seconds. Aside from the impressive power it potentially delivers, a full charge can offer more than 310 miles of range.

Porsche went for the complete package and plans to offer the Taycan along with an innovative charging system. Once deployed or installed in the owner’s residence, these 800-volt chargers can reportedly supply enough power for at least 250 miles with a 25-minute charge. Technology like this is already shaping up to become reality in the near future as the world eventually adopts electric vehicles over conventional fuel-powered transports.

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Photos courtesy of Porsche