A lighter is as handy as a flashlight. Not only does it illuminate dark areas but gives warmth and light without the added bulk and heft. The Porsche Design P’3631 lighter is one EDC that not only boasts quality, elegant finish, and functionality, it also feels good in your hand.

It sits well in your hand with its sleek and lightweight design. It also prevents your skin from getting burned. You don’t have to sacrifice your palm to the heat from the fire just to prevent wind from putting it out. It features two wind-resistant adjustable torch jets that operate with a single motion trigger. So it never disappoints no matter where you light up.

Moreover, the Porsche Design P’3631 lighter boasts vertically arranged jets that ensure perfect and even lighting of even the biggest cigars. The cigar punch comes in handy when you don’t have a cutter with you. This lighter is the perfect companion for cigar aficionados who can’t do without a light while on the go.

The Porsche Design P’3631 lighter also lets you know when you are running low on lighter fluid. It has an integrated window display that shows the precise amount of fluid left in its 1.5-gram tank.

Made of 65 percent metal and 35 percent synthetic material, the Porsche Design P’3631 lighter comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal taste. You can have it in black, titan, silver, and grey. Regardless of color, this everyday carry item should be in your must-have list. After all, lighters are not just good for cigars and cigarettes. They are handy too for lighting wood.

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Images courtesy of Porsche Design