Did any of you upgrade your handsets this 2022? For those who splurged on the latest flagships, the next step would be to protect your pricey new investment. There are so many aftermarket cases to choose from, but can these transform into something else? The Porket VR surely can, as it features a unique mechanism that turns it into a different add-on.

This clever concept is an attempt to make virtual reality entertainment more accessible for smartphone users. Manufacturers may have already released VR headsets in the past, but most are cumbersome and uncomfortable. Gihawoo Design, on the other hand, offers an interesting all-in-one alternative.

By default, the Porket VR works just like other cases and protects your device from impacts or scuffs. The designer who penned this did not specify what brand and models will be supported. Nonetheless, the images show what seems to be a Samsung smartphone.

Just like any third-party accessory manufacturer, they can offer versions that will fit other popular handset models. Not only do you have a clamshell case with 360-degree protection for your device, but the Porket VR can also become a portable VR add-on.

With all the hype regarding the Metaverse, VR and AR applications or entertainment will likely surge in the coming months. Using the Porket VR is quite simple. Launch a compatible app, flip the cover over the display, and deploy the visor assembly.

It forms a lightweight VR headset akin to that of Google’s Cardboard project. The Porket VR may not be an actual product just yet, but the idea behind it is cool, nonetheless. Perhaps Gihawoo Design can set up a crowdfunding initiative to turn this virtual blueprint into reality.

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Images courtesy of Gihawoo Design