Sitting on the Atlantic coast outside of Mount Desert, Maine, is the award-winning ‘Pond House’ designed by Elliott + Elliott Architecture. The construction is actually a three unit compound joined by wooden decking.

The primary unit sits atop pilings to extend over an existing salt pond. Its structural steel frame is anchored to the granite basin and lighter steel frames the large glazed windows that provide spectacular vistas of the coastline. This section also houses the communal spaces, kitchen and dining area with a granite open fire pit under a large vent. . The deck is cantilevered so that it appears to float out over the water. The other two units sit on the banks beside the salt pond and house the bedrooms while still providing a scenic view of both the ocean and the surrounding forest.

Wrapped in a traditional New England shingled cottage manner in off-white & grey, the Pond House utilizes tie rods anchored to the steel support columns for extra strength against the worst weather the Atlantic Ocean may throw its way.