Due to a series of controversial accidents involving autonomous driving features, regulators are once again debating the functionality. Nevertheless, Yi-Wei Chu envisions a concept called the Polestar Adaptor 006. In addition to its striking silhouette, the EV will have level 5 autonomy.

As it stands right now, the automotive industry is eager for self-driving functionality. Tesla, on the hand, offers Autopilot as a standard on all its newer releases. However, even the world’s leading EV marque’s system is not perfect. It’s clear that current-generation sensors and algorithms still need a lot of work.

The Polestar Adaptor 006’s proposed level 5 capabilities may seem like its biggest selling point. However, we think the sleek outline and aggressive low-slung profile will entice buyers to consider its purchase more. According to the designer, all data it collects trains the AI to perform even better in the future.

Furthermore, everything remains in the car, which means the company never has access to your information. We’re not entirely sure if this would be beneficial for the Adaptor 006 in the long run, but those who value privacy will like it.

Although it’s not immediately discernible, a top view reveals an odd cockpit layout. It may seem like a single-seater, but there is actually a passenger seat to the side. Since the Polestar Adaptor 006 already boasts an avant-garde design, Chiu opts to push the envelope even further here.

Judging by the renders, hinges in front of the windscreen imply the offset doors open upward. Although the driver’s side enjoys more wiggle room, whoever is riding shotgun is probably in for a snug fit. The Adaptor 006 looks unique, but there is still room for some improvements.

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Images courtesy of Yi-Wei Chiu Automotive Design