There does not seem to be any hints of Sony attempting another portable system but the PlayStation 5G ANESTHÉTIQUE édition concept needs to happen. Despite just being a digital render, it is a stylish take of what a new PlayStation smartphone should be.

To date, we still feel Sony deceived a lot of its hardcore fans back then. This was when it promoted the Xperia PLAY as a dedicated gaming machine with smartphone capabilities. We know how that turned out right?

Given the immense success of the PlayStation 5, a portable console might be the last thing on their minds right now. However, it’s not stopping ANESTHÉTIQUE PROJETS from envisioning something astounding.

However, the concept from ANESTHÉTIQUE PROJETS will be under the PlayStation brand. This implies that it would be a powerful handheld gaming device with telephony functionality. With a growing interest surrounding gaming smartphones, the PlayStation 5G ANESTHÉTIQUE édition would be a hit among gamers.

The PlayStation 5G ANESTHÉTIQUE édition touts a familiar button layout akin to that of the PlayStation Vita. From what the renders show, it looks a lot like an iPhone with huge bezels that hold the physical buttons and analog sticks.

We can spot two front-firing speaker grilles on each side. Clearly, the gadget is meant to be held in landscape orientation. Four shoulder buttons are on top along with what could be a cartridge slot, power, and volume controls.

The bottom of the metal frame shows a USB-C port and what could be the SIM tray. In total, there are two front-facing cameras and five on the back for a total of seven sensors. We can only hope the PlayStation 5G ANESTHÉTIQUE édition inspires Sony to actually build one

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