Mmm pizza…what’s not to love about it? Eating a slice is a like having a full sensory experience: the smell coming from the oven, the sight of the melted cheese, the feel of the crust in your hands, the sound of the crunch as you bite into it and, of course, that unparalleled heavenly taste. Okay, maybe we got a bit carried away, but you gotta admit: pizza is awesome! And now you can bake your pies in a unique way with the Pizza Box Oven ($60,00).

Besides the cool look, this is actually a working oven that can be used for cooking fresh or frozen pizzas up to 12-inch, including rising crust. It features 1200-watts of power, a rotating top&bottom heating surface for an even cooking result, an adjustable thermostat with a maximum temperature of 525 °F, and timer up to 30 minutes. It also comes with a cool-touch stainless steel handle to keep your fingers safe. Even if you use the Pizza Box Oven just for warming up your pies, or as a decorative piece, we recon it’s a fun piece to have in your kitchen.

Pizza Box Oven 1

Pizza Box Oven 2

Pizza Box Oven 3 (2)