If you regularly scope out new automotive concepts, chances are some designs might seem odd or unpractical. On the other hand, there are those with a whimsical look but offer enough utility for various tasks. The PIX L7 immediately draws attention with its off outline akin to that of a boomerang. Despite the strange shape, it’s positioned as a capable machine.

Designer Artem Smirnov does not specify if his proposal will run on sustainable means or pack a traditional powertrain. Nonetheless, we suspect the PIX L7 will either use a battery-electric system or hydrogen fuel cells for clean mobility. From what we could gather, the standard trim package can seat up to two people.

Although there are multiple configurations available, the main architecture appears to be the same. Buyers can pick the primary purpose of their vehicle and choose the body type. What stands out among the lineup is the ruggedized version. It looks more like a side-by-side without the doors and addition of gear for off-road journeys.

This PIX L7 sports a two-tone motif which shows a black exterior with silver and neon yellow trims. Providing adequate protection from bumps along the way are tubular bars that also double as a cargo rack. The hood features a mounting point for a shovel, while the top holds an LED lightbar.

A winch is likewise on the front bumper and the section close to the trunk holds a spare. However, the ride height looks a bit too low for our liking. Maybe it comes with an adjustable suspension to help it avoid hazards that could damage the underside. We believe there are some modular add-ons for overlanding, but the PIX L7 will work better with a camper trailer in tow.

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Images courtesy of Artem Smirnov