When Pininfarina flexes its creativity, it generates a buzz, people cannot ignore. Having penned some of the most iconic silhouettes in automotive history, the group has earned the admiration and respect of car enthusiasts around the world. For its latest project, the machine in question is unique. Anyway, the oddly named Straddle Tractor concept is for a specific industry.

If you love to sip on a glass of wine during a special occasion or even just for leisure, just be thankful for the folks behind it all. Top winemakers know how painstaking the process can be from start to finish. Thus, any form of automation along the way helps.

Pininfarina takes into account all of the relevant factors to come up with the Straddle Tractor concept. Normally, vineyards space their plants just enough to ensure that the grapes it produces are top quality. Most growers keep the distance of each vine at least 5-6 feet apart.

Moreover, to fully maximize the available land, the alleyways are usually narrow. Commercially available equipment cannot traverse these areas, but the Straddle Tractor concept is designed to do so. Pininfarina likewise confirms it will run on an all-electric system.

Technical specifications are not yet available, but we have an idea based on the renders. Each wheel appears to be mounted on separate electric motor hubs. Since there are no axles, the Straddle Tractor concept can pass over the vines without any damage.

The operator gets to sit inside a cab with a wraparound glass. The interior features wood trims as a nod to wine barrels. Controls include a steering wheel and a joystick mounted on one of the armrests. The modular Straddle Tractor can be fitted to spray the plants or harvest the fruits.

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Images courtesy of Pininfarina