You’ve all likely heard about age statements when it comes to whiskey. Opinions are somewhat divided on the matter as one side believes maturation matters, while the other just cares about the quality of the spirit. Meanwhile, Pinhook wants to share a unique experience with drinkers. To better understand the subtle nuances that develop over time, don’t miss out on the Vertical Series.

According to the details supplied by the press release, bottles sold with this label contain straight rye whiskey of varying ages. Interestingly, this year’s offering is an eight-year-old spirit sourced from other distilleries. For those who don’t know, Pinhook does not produce its booze, but purchases batches from others like Castle & Key and Indiana’s MGP.

For the Vertical Series, they’ve assigned the name Tiz Rye Time. The 2024 expression is distilled from a mashbill of 5% malted barley and 95% rye and bottled at 108.4 proof. This is the second installment, which means there should be adequate changes in character over the first outing — a four-year-old.

Pinhook has yet to ship out stocks to distributors across the country as the website pegs it for early April. As such, samples of the Vertical Series 2024 are hard to come by as of this writing. However, the label was awesome enough to share the tasting notes to give people a reason to get hyped.

“Blended from just 32 barrels, this 8-year-old rye showcases a bright nose of orange zest, green apple, caramel, and cinnamon leads to a rich palate of licorice, burnt sugar, cedar, and clove,” reads the product description. It is currently unknown how long the Vertical Series will continue,

It was originally hinted to span four to 12 years only. Nevertheless, given the positive response generated by this fascinating venture, perhaps Pinhook could be encouraged to extend the Vertical Series beyond the original target.

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Images courtesy of Pinhook