Pierpaolo Lazzarini is no stranger when it comes to innovative watercraft.  His new concept, the Pearlsuite, is no different. It aims to reform seaside hospitality through its ingenious design. 

Ever wonder what it feels like to live luxuriously while in the middle of the ocean? Forget admiring the blue waters from a distance when you can actually float on them. Shaped like a cocoon, this high-tech yacht runs on solar power so you can still enjoy the modern conveniences of home even while afloat. 

The Pearlsuite offers 22 sq.m. of interior space and has its own walkable external deck. Inside is a kitchen, a bedroom that transforms into a studio, and a toilette room. Since it runs on solar energy, they can be equipped with an electric engine that will get them running at 5 knots based on autopilot features and an advanced GPS system. They can also have electric appliances not limited to air conditioning, lighting, television, and a refrigerator.

Moreover, these are easy-to-build pods which means they are customizable. It’s only a matter of weeks to build one with more than one room. Not to mention, they are sustainable because they are emission-free with zero carbon footprint.  It even has the engine room covered in its design structure where guests can find additional power sources and systems. Best of all, it works with hydrogen fuel cell generator to ensure it runs even on rainy days. 

The Pearlsuite stands out against its blue backdrop with its uniquely attractive spherical or domelike silhouette. It even has a roof system that retracts so guests can soak up the sunshine for their much-needed tan while in the comforts of their pods. Of course, they don’t come cheap given their modern and off-grid features. 

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Images courtesy of Lazzarini Design Studio