Brussels-based designer Patrick Séha at Belgium’s PER/USE has taken the idea of a coat rack and turned it into a much more effective and stylish piece of useful home furnishing. The Piano Coat Rack is more than a peg to put your overcoat. This multi-purpose, wall-mounted hanger panel is made up of foldable wooden hooks that can be pulled out for use or laid flush to help configure the rack to most effectively hold whatever, from coats to duffel bags, and other stuff you need to keep handy!

The Piano Coat Rack has four height levels for the hooks and comes in two widths. The smaller rack has a 20 hook option and the wider rack has 48 hook positions, each providing the option to be ‘played’ with like piano keys to customize their placement on the panel. The coat rack also offers four color options to fit your decor. As well as a simple black or white rack, there is also the choice of oak or walnut wood finish.

Buy from Luminaire $1,790+