From the hoard of existing portable chargers on the market, the Photive BOLT($40,00) deserves our special attention. With water-tight ports and Impact resistant housing, The Bolt is the perfect portable charger for campers, hikers, skiers, construction workers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

This device has an impressive rating of IP-65(protection provided) and it packs a whopping 9000 mAh of power that will keep your mobile devices charged to full capacity, many times over- 4 times for an I phone, to be exact. The battery pack features long-lasting Lithium-Ion technology(it can be recharged 500+ times) and it provides the option to charge two devices simultaneously with its High Speed Charging ports. The Photive Bolt has also a built-in LED flashlight that is ideal for emergencies.

Photive BOLT Charger for Smartphones and TabletsPhotive BOLT Charger for Smartphones and Tablets4

Photive BOLT Charger for Smartphones and Tablets2

Photive BOLT Charger for Smartphones and Tablets1

Photive BOLT Portable Charger for Smartphones and Tablets