Sanitation is always a vital part of life– it’s what keeps us healthy and safe from diseases. You may not know it but one of the biggest carriers of bacteria is our smartphone. We carry our phones with us everywhere we go; in the bathroom or the toilet, and put them on places we don’t even know are germ-free.

Good thing there’s the PhoneSoap3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer, a device that rids our mobile phones of 99.99% of harmful bacteria including Salmonella, Staph, and E. Coli, among others. As its name suggests, UV light zaps the germs as your device sits on a UV transparent quartz plate surrounded by scientifically proven germicidal UVC light bulbs and a reflective mirror. The light penetrates crevices for an efficient sanitization or cleaning not possible with cleaning wipes.

This sanitizer not only works for a specific phone. Its holding plate fits all phone sizes, even the larger ones such as the iPhone 8 Plus. Likewise, it serves a dual purpose. While you sanitize, you can use it as a phone charger with its built-in USB and USB-C ports located on the back. You can have two devices plugged in simultaneously.

Moreover, you can sanitize other items other than your phones, such as pacifiers, smartwatches, keys, headphones, credit cards, even your cash. The Phonesoap3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is portable at 1.74 pounds so you can bring it with you at work, at school, outdoors, or anywhere you see fit. It looks compact and stylish and comes in a variety of colors including gold and aqua.

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Photos Courtesy of Phone Soap