Most men’s grooming razors have both strong points and areas where they are sadly lacking. Philips has developed a new hand-held trimmer razor that can handle all those areas with ease. The Philips Norelco OneBlade Shaver ($35) can trim, edge, or shave hair of any length while floating just far enough above the skin to prevent razor burn or irritation.

For beard trimming, the OneBlade comes with three sizes of stubble comb – the 1mm tight trim, 3mm stubble, or 5mm long stubble look. The dual-sided blade allows shaving in any direction and provides excellent viability for precise cuts.

The replacement blades last up to 4 months based on two uses per week, they are easy to switch out, and with their ‘Replace & Refresh’ subscription plan you can get a steady supply at a discount. The OneBlade is water resistant so it can even be used in the shower. The rechargeable NimH battery provides 45 minutes of power but takes 8 hours to recharge. Appearance is important so the Philips OneBlade Shaver can quickly become an indispensable part of your grooming routine.

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