As technology evolves, so does the stuff we love. We get to enjoy the creature comforts these upgrades deliver and also benefit from new functions. These include mobile devices, automobiles, wearables, and household appliances. Nevertheless, the old-school flavor never really goes out of style, which is we still yearn for the things from the past. Hence, this is exactly why companies are tapping into feelings of nostalgia to give us cool products. Philips is jumping on the bandwagon to give us Hue Filament bulbs.

Most of the time, LED lighting is great for a lot of applications. Moreover, the smart-enabled kind delivers a level of versatility that the older models cannot offer. However, Philips understands the existing demand for niche products that exude a retro vibe. This newest addition to the Hue lineup comes with modern technology and distinctly vintage design.

Most LEDs bulbs feature a frosted cover to diffuse the light to give off a softer glow. The Hue Filament collection, on the other hand, goes for clear glass. There are three variants available with different bulb shapes to suit your tastes. Similar to the regular hue catalog, these can be controlled via Bluetooth and compatible with Android or iOS smartphones.

For smart home integration, the Hue Filament series works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant without a hitch. Meanwhile, those who plan to use it with Apple HomeKit or Microsoft Cortana need to have the Hue Bridge accessory. Philips is listing a maximum brightness of 530 lumens and a color temperature of 2,100K.

Check out the catalog: here

Images courtesy of Philips