The COSMOS chair by Brooklyn-based designer Peter Minsoub Sim is out of this world. Its unique design uses digital fabrication and analog craftsmanship. It utilized 400 unique pieces assembled and then incorporated with cast-brass, glass, and 3D-printed elements to create hardwood furniture modeled upon our universe.

This chair debuted at Wanted Design and SoMMwhere on Ludlow and is now on display at Room 57 Gallery. It is the first in a series of furniture pieces inspired by nature, with the universe or COSMOS evident in the intricate details included in the design. There are images of the earth, the sun, clouds, waves, trees, birds, and water droplets.

Tiny brass birds are perched silently yet shining against the wooden structure. Also, hidden inside the spine of the chair is a brass fairy maker. Sim’s COSMOS chair also includes a hand-carved sunflower and a halo around the sun that holds an array of stars digitally sculpted in 3D and then cast in cobalt blue glass. The brightness of the blue color creates a striking contrast against the natural wood backdrop.

Meanwhile, alongside these non-human elements, the only human presence is the chair itself, as it shall seat a person and also represents the hand that crafted the meticulous design. Sim painstakingly expressed his creation in intricate curves, color, materials, and grain to create a piece of furniture that entices the imagination.

According to Sim, his creation is “Far from fantasy.” Instead, it “is a love letter to our physical world. Far from sculpture, COSMOS is a chair.”

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Images courtesy of Peter Minsoub Sim