Persol Eyewear has been manufacturing luxury sunglasses and optical frames for a hundred years now. Founded in 1917, they first catered to pilots and race car drivers. In 1957 they came out with the 649 series to serve tram drivers who needed a larger lens to block dirt and grit. After Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni donned a pair of the 649’s for his role in “Divorce, Italian Style” they have been in high demand.

As the case with all their shades, the Persol 649 Series Sunglasses ($260+) are made in Italy. They come with acetate frames in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and they all feature the unique, flexible bridge construction called Victorflex where two steel strips are embedded in the frame, which is then scored.

The lenses in the 649 series are also available in various shades, and they can be had either polarized or with standard lenses. One thing new to these shades is the ability to also have prescription lenses fitted into the frames. For someone looking for a classic Mediterranean look, the Persol 649’s are a must-have piece of facial furniture.