This is the 100.2 – a 25.9-foot day boat by Perisco Marine with the creative direction of Zagato. The latter is highly regarded for its automotive works with the likes of Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and Fiat. With over a century of remarkable Italian coachbuilding under its belt, the group now turns to watercraft. Moreover, there’s more to it than just good looks.

The collaborative vessel brings out the best of the two companies. According to the press details, work on the 100.2 will be at Perisco Marine’s shipyard in Nembro, Bergamo. In construction uses advanced materials such as composites to keep its displacement at just around 5,512 lbs. At its widest point, the beam measures about 8 feet.

Space won’t be an issue here as you and your guests can really stretch out and relax aboard this sleek day boat. They are offering two trim packages: Sport and Long Range. Both are outfitted with a DeepSpeed electric jet pod marine engine. This 275-horsepower propulsion system comes from Sealence with technology sourced from “aviation applications.”

Perisco Marine and Zagato say the Sport can hit a maximum speed of 26 knots with a range of 28 nautical miles. Clients who opt for the Long Range version of the 100.2 will get a 166 kWh battery pack. This bumps the range up to 47 nautical miles, but the top speed takes a hit and drops to 24 knots.

If this is what the future of emission-free travel over water looks and performs like, then sign us up. Apart from the 100.2, there are also other eco-friendly alternatives for recreation and more heading our way. Only nine examples are available for order. Delivery is sometime in late 2023.

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Images courtesy of Persico Marine/Zagato