Generally, when you commission a shipyard to build a luxury vessel, it must be as flashy as possible. These types of watercraft are meant to show off one’s wealth and are designed to capture attention from any angle. However, the Pegasus is a superyacht that tweaks this logic and supposedly requires technology at a scale which is currently unavailable.

This concept is by designer Jozeph Forakis and should launch around 2030. It’s still a long way off and implies the means to turn it into reality needs to become accessible soon. According to the team, its construction requires the use of robotic 3D printing systems large enough to handle a massive 288-footer like the Pegasus.

“I was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline,” says Forakis in an interview. “I wanted to honor nature by blending into it, becoming virtually invisible.” This is totally the opposite of what a vessel of its caliber needs to be, but it is a fascinating proposal, nonetheless.

Another challenge Forakis faces is sustainability as zero-emission propulsion systems still have size limitations. Circling back to the 3D printing platforms, the goal of the Pegasus is to integrate the superstructure and hull. Once the gargantuan scale issue is out of the way, the process should result in a lightweight yet strong framework.

As for invisibility, glass and other reflective materials will clad the exterior of the Pegasus. Solar panels power its hydrogen extraction units for virtually unlimited power and range. Meanwhile, the interior spaces highlight the ship’s green initiative with a hydroponic garden. It is also replete with top-class amenities and accommodations.

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Images courtesy of Jozeph Forakis