If you want to do your part in saving the environment especially when it comes to kitchen utensils, then you may want to get the Pebble Triple Black cutlery set from OTHERWARE. The set uses recycled materials so it helps to know that you are contributing to keeping Mother Nature clean.

The set comes with a spoon, knife, and fork that fold to store using a hinge, and chopsticks that come in two pieces and screw together. There is also a straw. All are made with “a sleek and elegant tone-on-tone treatment.” One of the materials used is recycled CDs, as such the set is said to be “made from music.” Other materials used include handles from recycled food packaging and tips of anodized titanium coated steel.

The Pebble Triple Black cutlery set uses recycled polypropylene, polycarbonate, and steel to create its elegant and smooth finish while maintaining its purpose. It is compact and ideal for outdoor use or food on the go. To keep it convenient and travel-friendly, the set comes with a case that looks like a computer mouse or a bar of soap.

The case looks cute and small as it measures 105mm x 52mm x 54mm. It also has a carabiner-style clip and lanyard to clip to a belt or tether to a bag. The set, with its accessories, only weighs 175 grams so it is lightweight and compact. You can leave it hanging or simply store it inside your bag. The Pebble Triple Black cutlery set is even dishwasher-safe to allow for reuse.

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Images courtesy of OTHERWARE