Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars in Stevensville, Maryland, have been crafting premium guitars and amplifiers for over thirty years. With most of his employees being musicians as well as craftsmen, the love of music is ingrained in the company’s products.

The latest offering is the Paul Reed Smith ‘Reclaimed Series’ Guitars ($1,600 & $1,250). These 600 unique and gorgeous instruments are made of over 100-year old Brazilian Atlantic Forest Peroba Rosa and Brauna Preto woods reclaimed from old buildings. Having previously been siding or support posts, all marks of use on the wood have been proudly preserved.

The two styles offered are the CE24 Semi-hollow which features a mahogany back, a 24-fret, 25″ maple wood neck, tremolo bridge, and nickel hardware. The S2 Vela Semi-hollow guitar also features a mahogany back but only a 22-fret, 25″ mahogany neck. There are two pickups; a Type-D single coil at the neck and a Starla humbucking pickup at bridge. Both guitars also boast “old school” birds inlays on the fretboards.

If you’re drooling already at the though of playing any of these beauties (they’re said to produce a warm, full sound) you better hurry, as the limited series series will only be available until April 30.