The Toyota LC79 double cab Land Cruiser is a force to be reckoned within itself but when Patriot Campers was through with it, what they call the LC79 Supertourer ($125K) turned out to be an even greater beast.

Even the standard package from Patriot Campers will handle most off-road adventures you could imagine. There is a chassis extension for greater room, an EFS suspension upgrade, winches both front and rear, and ROH wheels to go with the Supertourer body. Beyond that, the customizable options make it possible to outfit the LC79 into almost whatever you desire. Upgrades include slide out drawers and tool boxes, a kitchenette setup, multiple storage lockers, and a pop-up tent.

The aluminum body makes the Supertourer both rigid and lightweight for more payload capability, while its V-8 turbo diesel engine ensures this 4 wheel off-road adventure platform will give you plenty of power to hit the bush. (!)