The Palissade House in Tróia Peninsula, in the town of Grândola, Portugal is your home away from home. Built inside a complex called “Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residences,” this tourist accommodation unit has its own swimming pool and surrounding lush vegetation. 

It offers great ocean views and a place to hide away or escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. It’s a place for relaxation, recharging, or simply communing with nature. Its construction paid significant consideration to preserving the natural topography, namely the dunes and existing plant species. As such, its designers, Bica Architects, had to start with building the Palisade in spruce wood over a dune volume covered with plant species. This serves as the basis of the entire construction outline.  

The Palissade House reconstructed the dune modeling of its surrounding land based on the sand left behind from the construction of the houses in the village. The architects called it “the genesis of dune consolidation, essential for its preservation, a primordial principle of local sustainability.”

Inside this 300 m2 project are volumes that correspond to the functional spaces of the unit. It has an extensive central corridor and private spaces arranged in a mirror. Moreover, it has patios abundant with native plant species including pines, eucalyptus, and shrubs. Meanwhile, the social spaces can be found at the end of the route.

The Palissade House opens toward an abundant landscape and to a swimming pool outside. It also has a roof deck that offers great views of the sea a few meters ahead. Given its beach location, the unit stands as a ramp and coated with a mortar of sand. It also boasts exterior insulation and supported by a structure made of HEB and light steel profiles. 

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Images courtesy of Bica Architects