For old-school gamers like some of us in Men’s Gear, we’re seeing beloved classics being ported over to newer systems. Just like what Nintendo is doing with the NES Classic Edition, Super NES Classic Edition, and the Nintendo Switch Online service. It’s a great way to let the current generation of players experience the games we grew up with.

That’s why it comes as a pleasant surprise when a timeless arcade title is jumping from the digital realm into tangible space. We know it sounds crazy, but the Pac-Man: Procrastination Power Maze Safe proves otherwise.

Unlike in most video game platforms, this novelty toy doesn’t require any power to operate. Instead, users will be using their wits, willpower, and motor skills to guide the hero to victory. The prize for winning this challenge is the contents of this awesome storage box.

It’s a mini safe that features a complex physical maze that wraps around each of the four sides of the cube. The goal is to guide the yellow metal ball, which represents Pac-Man, to the target. Each of the transparent sides is dotted with printed graphics of the iconic pellets, ghosts, cherries, and other familiar details.

The only caveat is that the game is not over when you encounter any of the hazards along the way. Nonetheless, this is one awesome gadget that you can own or give as a geeky gift for friends and family. The Pac-Man: Procrastination Power Maze Safe is available to pre-order for $16.99 and will be shipping out later this year. Ultimately, its a fun alternative for stashing your stuff.

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