The Oyster Tempo Cooler is the “world’s first performance cooler” that boasts a “new era of thermal performance, usability, and sustainability.” It requires no ice, thus maximizing storage space for drinks and food. 

This is an aluminum, double-walled, vacuum-sealed cooler inspired by the 1904’s Thermos vacuum flask. Unlike the traditional boxy types, it has a distinctive curved shape which is by design. The curve walls offer the rigidity required so the interior does not implode under vacuum pressure. It can support cylindrical bottles and allows pressure to build up and create an insulated vacuum layer between the two interior metal walls, in this case, the wrought and cast aluminum construction.

The Oyster Tempo Cooler is a standout when it comes to keeping drinks and food cold for hours. This cooler easily gets 3x colder than ordinary premium coolers and stays that way longer. Use it with the Oyster’s cold or frozen ice packs and you instantly get a portable fridge or freezer. 

It features innovative technology and space-saving design that offer three times the space with nearly half the external size. This cooler skips the 2:1 ice cubes to contents ratio so it perfectly fits 36 cold cans in a 23L capacity. Best of all, it’s lightweight at 5.6 kg. and offers different carrying and mounting options for convenience. Its handle can easily double as a shoulder strap while the unique hinged lid can be opened from either side. 

Moreover, the Oyster Tempo Cooler is recyclable. If it gets dented or parts break, Oyster encourages returns so the parts can get melted and remade into a new cooler. 

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Images courtesy of Oyster