Set on Norway’s Oslofjord idyllic archipelago, the Østfold Cabin offers impressive views of the sea and its pristine surroundings.

The 60 m2 dwelling consists of two volumes – the main house and an annex, connected via a sheltered patio. The main wall and ceiling angle of the main house originates from a former cabin in the same place and defines the external shape of the house. To ensure the highest possible room height within these frames, the roof is developed with a special, slim design.

The rocky shore has inspired the levels of the house, where the living room stands as a direct extension of the terrace towards the sea. Slender wooden panels filter light through large glass sections that can be opened to create a fluid transition between the inside and outside. The two volumes and the terrace are clad in cedar, giving the cabin a golden light gray tone adapted to the beautiful coastal landscape.

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