Still, with updated COVID-19 restrictions now permitting outdoor excursions and domestic travel by land, recreational vehicles are becoming hot commodities. You might want to check out this 1990 Land Rover Defender camper conversion by Osprey Custom Cars. It seems like a worthwhile purchase to quench your desire for adventure.

We all know that Land Roversholds a pedigree for tough and powerful overlanding platforms. Furthermore, the Defender is perhaps the most iconic model in its roster to date. With the help of aftermarket customizations and restoration professional based in Castle Hayne, North Carolina, you’re looking at one capable camper.

You should know that this particular Defender is already a nomad. According to its eBay listing, this Land Rover SUV has been on escapades across four continents. As such, what we have here is an expedition-worthy machine that is ready to do it all over again with a new captain behind the wheel

The Osprey Custom Cars 1990 Land Rover Defender was originally a right-hand-drive unit. This is understandable given the model was likely an import from across the pond. The owner says it now rides on four new and chunky BFGoodrich all-terrain tires.

Likewise, its fresh tenting materials now offer more ventilation perfect for enjoying the fresh air when camping out in the great outdoors. To ensure reliable performance while you’re out on or off the road, they’ve installed new brakes and a new radiator.

The transfer case and drivetrain have also been serviced with new driveshafts put in. Other noteworthy additions include a new suspension system, a Tuffy cubby lockbox, and more. As of this writing, the standing price for this 1990 Land Rover Defender camper is at $99,995.

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Images courtesy of Osprey Custom Cars