Orbitkey and Carryology teamed up to create the Hydra System; a quick-release magnetic keychain that you never knew you needed. This handy gear features simple aesthetics but boasts a unique locking mechanism that saves you the trouble of lost or misplaced keys.

This device provides quick access to your keys and other portable essentials. It comes in three parts: the D-ring, belt hook, and clip. The easy-to-open D-ring is where you attach your most-used keys to keep them organized. You don’t have to drop it randomly inside your bag and go through minutes looking for it inside. The detachable, custom-designed D-ring allows you to easily add or remove keys.

The belt hook and clip are important additions in the Hydra System. This is where the D-ring magnetically attaches to. You can attach the clip inside your backpack, pouch, pocket, or anywhere else convenient. The belt hook makes it easy to grab your car keys when on the move. You get a smooth, seamless transition from clip to belt hook to the door and back in seconds thanks to the secure and versatile magnetic Fidlock system. The magnets are strong as to keep the ring attached firmly.

Orbitkey and Carryology pride themselves in making everyday carry essentials that are for the long run. They are durable, sleek, and efficient. The Hydra System is no different. It uses CNC-machined stainless steel hardware or metal components guaranteed with unparalleled accuracy. This ensures a system that works perfectly day in and day out. You can be certain that it can hold a bunch of keys without giving in.

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Images courtesy of Orbitkey