While fidget spinners were the big thing in 2017, people have finally found a good use for them beyond that of novelty toys. The Orbit Pen is a two-in-one pen and fidget toy, that enables you to remain focused while engaging your need to fidget, stopping you from drifting away from whatever you are working on and looking at social media instead of being productive.

Internally, there is a frictionless spinning mechanism using ball-bearings. When held in place by the two metal caps at both sides of the pen, the pen can be spun at ridiculously fast speeds, keeping your fingers and mind busy simultaneously. The features don’t stop there though, as the pen comes with a ball-bearing on the bottom for further rolling fun. Keeping with the space theme, it comes with a telescopic handle to increase the length of the pen and give you a more comfortable writing experience, and a textural twister to further control your need to fidget.

Even when it is not being used for either purpose it was designed for, the Orbit Pen still makes for an intriguing and attractive desktop toy-cum-ornament. You will wonder how you managed to get through the day without it.

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