The OPPY UHD Camera defies the typical square-shaped camera design with its unique construction. It has a flexible body that lets you capture moments at any angle.

Unlike traditional cameras, this device does not need any additional camera gear like a monopod or tripod for you to maximize its functionality. Instead, its stretchable frame allows you to let it stand in place without a tripod. It even stretches as far as it can go to mimic a selfie stick.

Similarly, it does not need mount clamps or harnesses because you can simply twist and fix it in place. You can loop its body around your wrist or your bike’s handlebar without the added hassle of bringing extra accessories.

Appearances aside, the OPPY UHD Camera offers modern features including time-lapse and slow motion capture. It provides excellent video and image quality with image stabilization. It can capture images and videos in 4K resolution at 24fps or go as high as 120fps at 720p.

Its right eye serves as the LED indicator and the camera sits on the left eye. It comes with a built-in speaker, a microphone, a micro-SD card slot, and micro USB slot for charging and transferring data. It runs on 950mAH power bank that provides 90 minutes of operation.

Best of all, the OPPY UHD Camera is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready so you can easily share videos and images with friends and control the camera through a companion app on your smartphone.

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Photos Courtesy of Oppy