Gearheads are now gradually shifting from miles per gallon as more green alternatives enter the market. Emission-free mobility platforms like electric cars and bikes are becoming even more ubiquitous. The number of options available for the average consumer has more than tripled over the years. Let us introduce the RCR 72V from ONYX Motorbikes for your daily commute.

This machine will help you retire that gas guzzler in your garage and say goodbye to petrol forever. What makes models like the RCR 72V from ONYX Motorbikes worthwhile is that each unit is made to order. Moreover, their team builds everything by hand at their facility in California, U.S.A.

Impatient buyers need not wait long as improvements to the manufacturing process mean orders ship out in seven days or less. The company says the lead time will grow shorter as it gradually upgrades its assembly line. The retro aesthetics of this electric moped should have its fair share of fans.

In fact, most of the folks who own one got it for the vintage-inspired motif. Old-school looks aside, the RCR 72V is packing cutting-edge components within its steel-tube frame. Yes, what you’re looking at are pedals and not foot pegs. Even with the electric drive engaged, the operation is virtually noise-free.

It sits on 17” wheels wrapped in knobby tires for optimal traction. Powering this bad boy is a 41 Ah 72V battery for a total range of up to 140 miles. The electric motor generates up to 142.35 of torque. You have three drive modes: E-Bike, Normal, and SPRT. Depending on which setting, the RCR 72V electronically limits the top speed to 20 mph, 40 mph, and 60 mph respectively.

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Images courtesy of ONYX Motorbikes