I am a huge fan of MagSafe accessories: MagSafe phone case, MagSafe car mount, and MagSafe battery pack. Those accessories made my life easier! And I just bought a new MagSafe car mount to gear up for camping. I tried a couple of car mounts before, but it is the only one that fits me, ten out of ten. So, I want to share my two cents about it.

The car mount name’s O-Mag DriveSafe which is newly launched by OMOTON. I followed OMOTON products a few years ago, and I thought they did something when it came to making stands and holders. Alright, let’s see what they’ve got:

  1. O-Mag DriveSafe has a dual-mounting system, combining N52 magnets and a vacuum suction cup. I don’t see any similar products on the market.
  2. It is quite easy to set up: snap-on to attach and one press to quick release.
  3. It has a 360° ball mount: I can adjust my phone while driving easily and smoothly.

omoton o-mag drivesafe, magsafe car mount, air vent phone holder

In The Box:

omoton o-mag drivesafe, magsafe car mount, air vent phone holder

What is it?

O-Mag DriveSafe has an innovative design that combines an N52 magnetic ring and a vacuum suction cup, featuring a real dual-mounting system. It can keep my phone staying in place when driving. Like many other air vent car mounts, it has a hook-adjust knob so that I can adjust the hook and tighten it on my car’s air vent. The difference is that the support ring allows flexibility in mounting different types of air vents. The ball joint between the magnetic sucker and air vent hook allows me to adjust my phone to a perfect viewing angle while driving.

omoton o-mag drivesafe, magsafe car mount, air vent phone holder

Key Benefits
  1. Superior suction.

Double insurance to avoid my phone dropping even when driving on a bumpy road.

  1. Super safe.

I can fully focus on the road condition and simply press one release button to take the phone off the car mount.

  1. Easy to install.

I barely had to read the user manual to install the whole car mount successfully.

  1. Trip helper.

The car mount is suitable for any driving scenario, especially off-road or long-distance driving.

  1. Non-MagSafe friendly.

The product kit contains 2 pcs metal rings for non-MagSafe smartphones. I can easily stick the metal ring on my iPhone 11 with those auxiliary tools. Leave the metal ring to sit for 6 hours, I can mount my iPhone 11 on O-Mag DriveSafe.

How to use?

It’s super easy to use this car mount. What you see is what you’ll get. I follow the guideline to install and use:

  1. Loosen the nut on the magnetic sucker.
  2. Insert the joint ball into the nut.
  3. Tighten the nut after inserting the joint ball into the bolt completely.
  4. Turn the hook-adjust knob counterclockwise to adjust the hook to the longest length.

1) Rotate the support ring to fit the air vent, horizontal or vertical, etc. This step keeps the car mount stable.

2) Remove the support ring if the air vent is too small to insert the support ring.

  1. Hang the hook on the air ben blade and tighten the hook-adjust knob clockwise until the hook is locked.
  2. Loosen the hook-adjust knob to take off the mount from the air vent blade if necessary.

Sounds easy, right?

omoton o-mag drivesafe, car mount, air vent phone holder

Take It for A Ride

I installed O-Mag DriveSafe in my car and drive with it during the International Labor Day holiday. It became my little helper and I can’t drive without it now. The most impressive thing is that the car mount and my phone were securely in place even when I was driving on a bumpy country road. I can adjust my phone to a perfect angle easily thanks to the ball joint. Overall, it’s helpful and super easy to use.

omoton o-mag drivesafe, magsafe car mount, air vent phone holder

As I’ve mentioned above, OMOTON O-Mag DriveSafe is the first car mount that has a dual locking system that I found on Amazon. My experience with it has been great so far. It met my expectations; it works well while driving; it’s easy to use and operate; the price matches the quality. That’s why I love this product and wanted to share it.


Purchase: Amazon

Price: $21.99