Ever since man first gazed up at the night sky, we have been fascinated with the cosmos and our planet’s constant companion. As the earth orbits around the sun, the moon likewise revolves around its neighbor. For watch collectors with a lunar fascination, OMEGA and Swatch expand the Speedmaster MoonSwatch lineup with the Mission To Moonshine Gold.

Although the iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch is what connoisseurs are really after, the Speedmaster MoonSwatch collaboration is just as popular. The initial lineup launched in 2022 with 11 distinctive designs. Each one flaunts a unique aesthetic to represent the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The Speedmaster Mission To Moonshine Gold, however, is a remake of the Speedmaster Mission to the Moon variant with an exclusive twist. According to Swatch, its unique selling points include the OMEGA Moonshine gold seconds hand and its production amid a full moon in February 2023.

Unfortunately, many consider it an uninspired cash grab due to the staggering demand for the original MoonSwatch collection. Still, despite the qualms about this release, OMEGA and Swatch will likely rake in even more sales. Like its predecessors, the Speedmaster Mission To Moonshine Gold touts a 42 mm Bioceramic case in gray.

Overall, everything looks the same as the Speedmaster Mission to the Moon version of the MoonSwatch. The chronograph features a tachymeter bezel that frames a black dial with the OMEGA and Swatch co-branding at 12 o’clock. It’s also running on a quartz movement and is paired with a fabric strap that uses a Velcro closure system. The Speedmaster Mission To Moonshine Gold ships with a certificate of authenticity inside its presentation box.

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Images courtesy of Swatch/OMEGA