Gone are the days when you need a large sound system just to enjoy surround sound or get the most out of your listening experience. In this modern age, speaker technology has gone small but definitely dependable. There are speakers that may seem minuscule only in appearance but grand in functions just like the OLi Home speaker by Joshua Han.

Introduced under Han’s Joshua Design Works, this minimalist speaker boasts a sleek and streamlined silhouette. It blends in with any home setup because of its materials. Han intended for his creation not to stand out but to blend in with other pieces of furniture. As such, his design incorporates wood, plastic, and fabric.

The OLi Home speaker aims to keep the experience simple and to the bare minimum. It has less interface with an on/off pull switch giving it a nostalgic flair like those seen in vintage lamps. There are no buttons on its stand or oblong-shaped frame. That’s because it connects with your smartphone, where you get the controls.  

Despite its minimalist design, this music equipment is big on function. Its design allows the user to direct the sound from an optimal height and location in any surrounding. It has a hole in the rear which could be a port for charging.

The OLi Home speaker takes the guesswork out of deciding where to put it in your home because of its svelte aesthetics. It has a subtle yet attractive color and a slim build so it doesn’t appear awkward in any way. It essentially becomes a part of any home decor setup. 

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Images courtesy of Joshua Design Works