The compact Otacle D1 from OKNIFE holds multiple bits on both front and side. It’s a great multi-tool for small repairs or fixes or for daily home improvement use. 

This tool comes in a lightweight yet durable design made from corrosion-resistant TC4 titanium alloy in a sandblasted finish so it never rusts and offers a secure, non-slip hold. Meanwhile, the bits are also guaranteed durable as they are made from S2 tool steel so they can withstand pressure. They are strong, tough, and not easy to break and wear. 

OKNIFE’s Otacle D1 is designed with a concealed bit storage structure in the handle which features and easy-open cover. The cover stays in place firmly and opens with a quick press to reveal four double-ended magnetic hex bits inside. The bits measure 0.16 x 1.18″ and come in eight different sizes for varied uses: SL3.5, PH0, T8, T6, H2, H1.5, PH2, PH00. A toggle of the touch ball limit on the handle enables a quick and easy loading and unloading of hex bits.  

This multi-tool has two magnetic bit holders: the tip mounting holes are mainly for low torque screwing while the horizontal head mounting holes are used for high torque screwing. This way, allowing you to address different torque scenarios and have access to bits that you’d normally need on a daily basis.

OKNIFE’s Otacle D1 comes in a portable, pocket-size design measuring only 2.95″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″ and weighing just 1.5 ounces (42.5 grams). It also comes with a keyring hole and lanyard so you can carry it around easily whether hang in a keychain or as a pendant.

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OKNIFE Otacle D1 OKNIFE Otacle D1 OKNIFE Otacle D1 OKNIFE Otacle D1 OKNIFE Otacle D1

Images courtesy of OKNIFE