The current state of artificial intelligence and robotics has expanded their applications beyond what we’re used to. In fact, the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show gave us a glimpse of already possible. Let’s talk about the ORo from Ogmen — a high-tech companion for your pooch. Owners who want to keep tabs on their pets when they’re away can do so and more.

Earlier this week, we featured the Flappie — an AI-powered pet door that automatically blocks entry for cats with prey items in their mouth. Hence, we can rest easy knowing the tech industry is also catering to more than just humans. The ORo is a wonderful addition to any smart home, especially those with dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.

Studies conducted by animal behavorists show that just like people, our canine companions can also feel lonely when we leave for work. If this worries you, Ogmen’s advanced robot platform is engineered to perform similar tasks when we’re with our precious pooches. It’s not meant to replace our interactions, but can virtually do so when there’s nobody around.

Depending on their nutrition needs, they might need to be fed multiple servings in a day. It’s not a problem when working from home, but becomes one if we aren’t. The ORo is capable of continuing our routine and also closely monitoring our dogs for any signs of problems. It measures 15.7″ x 12″ x 30″ (WxDxH) and weighs about 33 lbs.

A full charge will around five hours, but it can navigate to its docking station to recharge when needed. Ogmen designed the ORo to navigate via sensors and track our dogs while they move about the house. Over time, it gets to know their behaviors and will adapt naturally. If you plan to get one, also check out the optional accessories that unlock more functions.

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Images courtesy of Ogmen