The Off-White c/o Victorinox is a collaboration between the luxury brand and the late Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton. Described as “a fusion of bold creativity and pioneering energy,” this pocketknife boasts an extraordinary aesthetic that features heritage and evolution symbols.

This limited-edition multi-tool follows a design process that revolves around the theme, “Adam and Eve, Androgyny, The Beginning.” As such, it packs tools that you can use both indoors and outdoors and other survival gear. These include a reamer, punch, and sewing awl. Then there’s a wood saw, a large and small blade, a can opener, and a 3mm and 6mm screwdriver. It also has a bottle opener, a key ring, a corkscrew, and a wire stripper.

Victorinox is famous for its fully-functional, robust, and handsome pocket knives, and this collaboration is no different. However, what sets the Off-White c/o Victorinox apart from its kind is its meaningful design. The silhouette of all the integrated single tools can be positioned to resemble the collaboration design motif, a fig leaf, which “alludes to the story of Adam and Eve and the concept of new beginnings.”

Moreover, the blades represent the stones that have evolved into tools and the protruding rounded edges reflect this. This knife packs seven new shaping tools for a total of six functions. Then there’s one spring to house the directional tools with a unique look. As for its material, it comes in white Corian scales to make it hardwearing and scratch-resistant.  Likewise, the white scales make a standout contrast to the graphic black print. 

The Off-White c/o Victorinox is portable at just 2.9 oz. with a length of 3.6″ and a width of 1.6″. It is remarkably handy for a pocket knife that packs 11 features. 

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Images courtesy of Victorinox