When your net worth is hovering in the billions, there’s practically no limit to the extravagance you can splurge on. Spending money on anything ridiculously expensive is exactly what the wealthy live for, while the rest of us can only admire and dream of it all. To highlight an example, check out this sailing yacht christened the Koru.

Most of you have already heard that aside from his commercial space exploration/travel venture, Jeff Bezos also commissioned Oceanco in 2018 to build a magnificent vessel. Fast-forward to 2023 and the Dutch group is now testing the remarkable 417-foot and preparing for its eventual delivery.

The Amazon founder is reportedly spending approximately $500 million on it. In the early days of its development, the project was going by the code Y721. However, it seems the owner has opted for Koru – a name inspired by the Māori spiral symbol.

This gargantuan sailing ship features three towering masts matching the white hue of its aluminum superstructure. It contrasts the dark navy and red bootstripe of its steel hull. Currently, other official details and specifications of the Koru are still under wraps.

Still, insiders were keen enough to share some tidbits of information. As images show, the primary mode of propulsion would come from the sails. Nevertheless, vessels of its caliber are generally outfitted with engines as well. Aesthetically, the Koru flaunts a classic silhouette with a long bowsprit and canoe stern.

The aft section appears to hold a pool, with plenty of exterior spaces for al-fresco fun and relaxation. There is no word on the layout of its interior volumes nor the number of accommodations. The Koru should be in Bezos’ hands soon.

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Images courtesy of Bjorn Mierop for BOAT International