Are you and your buddies hitting the slopes this year? There are a lot of awesome resorts and trails that offer fun and thrills this winter. Since snowfall already started in some areas, there’s no time to procrastinate. Gear up as early as now to beat the holiday rush. Oakley introduces the MOD7 as its latest snow helmet and more.

We all know that aside from its ever-growing lineup of apparel, sports equipment, backpacks, watches, and accessories, the brand is synonymous with eyewear. Oakley loves to opt for the avant-garde when it comes to aesthetics, which makes many of its sunglasses turn into style icons.

Since it also manufactures goggles for recreational activities in the snow, the MOD7 is billed as an all-in-one. The helmet is engineered to withstand various types of impacts that can scuff or damage regular materials. Oakley calls it Duramatter and pairs it with regular polycarbonate to craft a shell that’s robust yet lightweight.

Next is the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) and SKULL MATRIX. Along with the chin strap and BOA adjustment dial, users can fine-tune how their MOD7 fits and feel on their heads. Perhaps the coolest feature here is the Integrated Prizm Visor. The latter is removable and locks in place via the Secure-Connect proprietary technology.

No need to bring goggles as you can attach it mechanically to the MOD7 and stow it magnetically when not in use. Buttons on the side of the snow helmet allow wearers to tweak how tight the visor seals around their faces. This is beneficial to those who wear glasses or just want to looser fit for the sake of comfort. Oakley has it in three sizes and three colorways.

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Images courtesy of Oakley