Oakley shades are designed for extreme(-ish) sports and the new Carbon Prime MotoGP Sunglasses ($TBA) clearly reflect that. Not only built for bikes, they even incorporate bike design into the frames.

With dark, curved lenses that provide peripheral wind/light protection without the bulkiness of full-faced wraparound lenses, the sunglasses boast the patented Oakley Iridium lens coating, engineered to reduce glare and improve contrast. These are not scratch-resistant lenses and the 12-micron Iridium coating does require the extra care provided by the Oakley micro bag and lens cleaning kit to avoid damage.

However well the lenses work, the styling of these MotoGP shades rests in the strong, resilient frames that surround them. They are constructed with a mixture of carbon fiber, titanium, and Oakley’s proprietary O-matter and they are also hosting a very unusual hinge. Each ear stem has a cutaway section that exposes a mechanical bit looking like a miniature motorcycle shock absorber! As the perfect touch to fuel any gearhead’s Borg fantasy, these shades will help fuse the look of man and machine as one. [via]