When owners find that their ride is still somewhat lacking in the performance department, aftermarket tuning is the answer. Likewise, a number of establishments offer the service to take your stock vehicle and unleash its potential. Not long ago, we presented the work of G-Power. This German shop took a yellow-clad Mercedes-AMG GT R and pumped it full of upgrades. Meanwhile, another player steps up the plate to take a whack at enhancing an already capable machine. Now, we’re bringing you something more sinister with the O.CT Mercedes-AMG GT R in all its ebony glory.

On paper, the custom work by G-Power is still on top when it comes to output. However, we believe that the stealthy colorway looks more classy this time around. We just love how the latter manages to pull it off covering this high-performance beauty in all-black. In fact, they are one step ahead of the manufacturer that’s hinting at the return of the Black Series version of the automobile.

Other than the remarkable dark aesthetics, the O.CT Mercedes-AMG GT R is also sporting some upgrades underneath the hood. After some tweaking, the engine can now pump out 641 horsepower along with 627 lb-ft of torque. You’re looking a time of 3.6 seconds for it to rocket out of standstill to 62 miles per hour. In addition, the tuning process reportedly improves the supercar’s fuel efficiency as well as reducing emissions. Overall, we love everything that O.CT is doing with this build. You can hit them up for a quotation whenever you’re ready.

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