A lot of variables go into making the perfect shot of espresso including the coffee ground to water ratio, grind size, brewing temperature, pressure, and more. The Nunc Coffee Machine simplifies the process so can enjoy barista-style java in the comfort of your kitchen.

As a coffee lover, it can be a chore to brew the perfect cup at home, even with regular drip coffee. What more with espresso? This machine comprises of the Portafilter Machine and Grinder combo. It uses sensor and AI-enhanced grinding and brewing system to take the guesswork out of pulling the perfect shot.

Simply load roasted beans into the SmartHopper to start the grinding process, and the Nunc Coffee Machine independently identifies the beans before starting the brewing process. It takes care of weighing and grinding the beans. What you only need to do is tamp and load the portafilter into the brewing group.

You can also dial in your desired flavor using different recipes before the start of the brewing process. What sets this machine apart from its kind is the novel circular display, which lets you check out the different coffee flavors. It shows whether your coffee will be strong, mild, fruity, and roasty. 

Aside from brewing, the Nunc Coffee Machine also takes care of the milk steaming and frothing. It gives you the right temperature and consistency and can even produce that velvety texture needed for latte art. Moreover, the grinder and coffee machine are compatible with Bluetooth and NFC technology where you can download its dedicated app that lets you view your coffee and brewing profile and more. Plus, its operating system can be updated with additional features using software updates. 

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Images courtesy of Nunc