NUDE Glass prides itself in making handmade glass that is simple but beautiful, clear, and durable. Their products add a touch of elegance to your wine bar and when it comes to drinking whiskey, then there’s nothing better than enjoying it in a well-crafted, refined glass, be it on the rocks or flavored with lime. With this said, you don’t have to settle on a simple decanter or chalice for that matter when you can get your hands on this set of four NUDE Glass Caldera whisky glasses. 

The glasses boast a classic silhouette reminiscent of those double old-fashioned glasses but come with modern touches. They are especially a stunner when filled with your favorite spirits. Their unique design instantly recognizes them as belonging to the NUDE Caldera Collection.

These NUDE Glass Caldera whisky glasses have a deep V-shape motif that grabs your attention when filled with a cocktail or your favorite drink. The shape stands out and serves a purpose too in securing those ice cubes or lemon slices in place.  Meanwhile, the striking vertical cuts around the heavy-duty base add to the design’s sophisticated edge. 

Best of all, these glasses are dishwasher safe and made from clear, lead-free crystal. It can hold 11 ounces of your preferred spirits at a size that sits just right and comfortably in your hands at 3.5″ H x 3.5″ D. 

The NUDE Glass Caldera whisky glasses are a great statement piece to any table setting. They are also great as presents for malt purists and casual whisky aficionados alike. 

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Images courtesy of NUDE Glass